How does Tradeplus24 differ from factoring services?
Contrary to classic factoring, you remain in full control of your accounts receivables as Tradeplus24 only takes an assignment over them. Furthermore, we are able to offer financing against a much wider range of receivables (worldwide, smaller buyers) than classic factoring can offer. We also have a much more transparent pricing, with no hidden fees for set-up or maintenance.
Who is the lender for my loan?

All financing is provided through fully owned subsidiaries of Tradeplus24 AG.

Who is insuring my receivables and how does it work?

The insurance policy offered in conjunction with our financing solution is under Kessler & Co’s own Blue Line brand. The insurance behind the policy is provided by AIG Europe, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Any claims under the policy can be made directly through the Tradeplus24 platform you also use to upload and monitor your receivables and your loan.

Where is Tradeplus24 available?

For now,Tradeplus24 is only available to Swiss companies. There are plansto roll out our offering to other European countries in the future.

What are the requirements for my company to use Tradeplus24?
Your company must be in the Swiss Commercial register and selling products/services to other companies. Given our structure, we see ourselves most suitable for mid- to larger sized KMUs with revenues exceeding CHF2m per annum.
How do I know against which receivables I can receive financing?

Whenever you upload your accounts receivables book into the Tradeplus24 platform, you immediately see which ones are accepted for insurance, which also means they can be used as collateral for financing.

Receivables originating from which countries qualify as a security for the credit?

Receivables from almost all countries can be considered for the loan. Generally, the origins of individual receivables have a small impact on the volume of the credit given.

Will my buyers know I am pledging my receivables to get access to financing?

Tradeplus24 will not contact your buyers. AIG Europe, as the ultimate insurer of the risk is entitled to contact selected buyers in order to check individual receivables, however this relates only to the insurance side of the account receivables and does not tell your buyers anything about any financing your company is receiving against that.

Who has access to my company’s data?

The protection of your data is important to Tradeplus24 and we make sure that all our partners adhere to the highest standards of data protection.

Why is the KYC (know your customer) process necessary?

All KYC checks done are required to adhere to Swiss and partly also international Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) standards.

How fast can I get access to financing?

We expect the standardon-boarding process to take approximately four weeks.

When do I pay interest?

3 months of interest will be deducted from the initial drawn amount and after that, interest will be billed in advance on a monthly basis.

When and how can I adjust my drawing?

After the initial drawdown for 90 days, your loan is rolled over every 30 days. Feel free to adjust your drawing as required, but please bear in mind our 60 days’ notice period.

How high is the credit that I can obtain?

The volume of your credit is determined by the total amount of receivables insurable within the framework as well as a few security features we built into the product.

Do I have restrictions on the use of the loan?

No, the loan is intended for general corporate purposes. Whether you use it to on-board new clients, extend payment terms for existing clients or buy new machinery, is entirely up to you.

Which currencies can Tradeplus24 work with?

We can insure accounts receivables in CHF, USD & EUR and can lend against all of these currencies. All our loans are denominated in CHF.

Who is the team behindTradeplus24?
Tradeplus24 was created by a team of entrepreneurs from the banking and insurance industry, who have partnered with established industry leaders to help Swiss KMUs to grow their exports.
Is Tradeplus24 regulated?

Tradeplus24 and all its subsidiaries are members of SRO Polyreg and an approved financial intermediary according to article 2, paragraph 3ff of the Swiss anti-money laundering legislation.

Where are you and your accounts located?

Tradeplus24 and its subsidiaries are incorporated in Switzerland and have their registered address at our office in 8001 Zürich. All our accounts are with a large Swiss bank.

How do I apply for Tradeplus24?
Please write an email to or use the contact form on this website. Clients from Kessler & Co can contact us through their advisor.
How can I get in contact with you?

Please write an email to or use the contact form on this website.

What sort of paperwork is required?

The overall amount of paperwork is very limited, only for the setup process we need some forms to be signed. All maintenance can then be done electronically.

How do I transmit and update my receivables book?

We have tools available to link our platform directly into some of the most common accounting software applications. Furthermore, Tradeplus24 can provide you with an excel template you can use to provide us with your accounts receivables.

How much time do I need per week to manage TP24’s offerings?

We offer a very lean process that can also be automated by linking your accounting solution to our platform directly. Thereby you can focus on your core activities.

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