How does Tradeplus24 differ from factoring services?
Who is the lender for my loan?
Who is insuring my receivables and how does it work?
Where is Tradeplus24 available?
What are the requirements for my company to use Tradeplus24?
How do I know against which receivables I can receive financing?
Receivables originating from which countries qualify as a security for the credit?
Will my buyers know I am pledging my receivables to get access to financing?
Who has access to my company’s data?
Why is the KYC (know your customer) process necessary?
How fast can I get access to financing?
When do I pay interest?
When and how can I adjust my drawing?
How high is the credit that I can obtain?
Do I have restrictions on the use of the loan?
Which currencies can Tradeplus24 work with?
Who is the team behindTradeplus24?
Is Tradeplus24 regulated?
Where are you and your accounts located?
How do I apply for Tradeplus24?

Please write an email to info@tradeplus24.ch or use the contact form on this website. Clients from Kessler & Co can contact us through their advisor.

How can I get in contact with you?
What sort of paperwork is required?
How do I transmit and update my receivables book?
How much time do I need per week to manage TP24’s offerings?

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